Since 2013 the Draw to Perform organising visiting workshops and seminars for schools and colleges like Goldsmiths, Central Saint Martins, and OCAD U. They agree that our workshops:

– deepen students’ creativity

– encourage a physical freedom of expression on large scale

– integrated with and supported their school curriculums

– combined art, movement and dance in a uniquely creative way

– gave students valuable experience of collaborating with professional artists

We can organise anything from a half day workshop to a full day’s visit which would include a live drawing performance, together with a short seminar and practical workshop for your students.

We generally offer two options: a one-day or two-day event:

Our one-day event usually includes around two hours of presentation on drawing performance and an open discussion. This is then followed by a three hour drawing performance workshop (we recommend a maximum of 30 students in a workshop).
Our two-day event usually includes a first day of live performances by 3-4 artists, followed by a dissociation panel. Day two includes two drawing performance workshops (max of 30 students in each workshop).

If you would like more details on how we can positively work with your organization, you can email us your queries.