Hello, my name is Ram Samocha and I am the founder and director of Draw to Perform. Draw to Perform is an art company that promotes the growing stream of live drawing performances. I am contacting you here to ask for your support in making our next festival happen.

After a long pause, forced by covid, I am happy to announce that we are finally gearing towards the next international festival for performative drawing and painting. The festival will take place this July at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton, UK. It will run over two weekends and will include ten live performances by inspiring and creative artists.

This is a request for supporting our online campaign and helping us with all the costs of this large project. For a donation of only £10 we offer an online subscription to the festival, with online access to the streaming of all live actions. This platform will be the only place where you can order your link to the live streaming so we encourage you to donate now and secure your participation in this upcoming event. __________________________________________________________________

Draw to Perform would like to thank all the people that came last week and joined our Free Your Map art tours. Thanks to all the people who were involved and collaborate with us, and all the organisations that supported this project.

Here are some close-ups of the artwork. All were part of the alternative tours that we did as part of our collaboration with the Enayball & Sussex Dance Network.

Free Your Map explored the city through the eyes and art of people who use wheelchairs. An accessible visual arts tour exhibiting work by disabled artists that draw with the Enayball tool created by @drawtoperform and @enayball and SDN.


Draw to Perform is happy to share some information about our upcoming project, which will happen next month in London at the Canning Gallery. Please come and join us on the day of performances, workshops, panel discussion, or just drop by and watch the exhibition at the gallery from 5-20 March. Looking forward to seeing you with us in the Field of Action.

For more info please visit the Draw to Perform page on Eventbrite.


DTP ONLINE mentorship – New program by Draw to Perform
The DTP online mentorship for drawing performance is designed for an individual wish to focus on personal internal investigation. From a practical term, the DTP program is more attainable within the limitations of the pandemic. The strength of the DTP online mentorship is the ability to tailor the program to the very specific needs of the apprentice.
Please follow the link for more information about the new Draw to Perform online mentorship program.


Artwork by Nazir Tanbouli. Photo by Marco Berardi.

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