D2P – Performative Drawing Workshops by Draw to Perform

Sat 23 Nov 2019, 11:00-16:00. Copperdollar Studios, Brighton

Workshop 1 (11:00-13:00) with Bettina Fung

Workshop 2 (14:00-16:00) with Nelly Lewis

The upcoming workshop session by Draw to Perform will include two bookable workshops, provided by artists and performers. The workshops will explore drawing performance and strategies for forming a dialog between drawing, sound, dance, process and performance. Participants will draw live, share and discuss their outcomes and ideas. Workshops will target different groups and issues in drawing and performance and will allow the general public the opportunity to experience an art form first hand, work with and be tutored by some of the leading artists in their field. Drawing materials will be provided.

All workshops are suitable for those with some drawing experience.

Please note Copperdollar Studios has limited space capacity and workshops have limited numbers of tickets. Book your tickets online and reserve your participation in this event:





Copperdollar Studios,22 Montague St,Brighton BN2 1JX


Saturday 23 Nov – Schedule:

Workshop 1 (11:00-13:00) with Bettina Fung

Expanded Drawing – This workshop expands on what the drawn line could be and is led by Bettina Fung, sharing aspects of her performance drawing practice. Thinking about the relationship between drawing and movement and playing with the notion if a line is a point in motion then a person moving through space is like drawing in air, this workshop involves a variety of drawing approaches from mapping movements, automatic drawing, cut-up to monotyping.

London based artist Bettina Fung | 馮允珊’s practice involves the performative aspects of drawing, where she draws live at exhibitions, sharing her process and allowing her work to unfold overtime. She creates two dimensional, performative and site specific works. Themes of ritual, futility, purposelessness and notions of belonging, productivity and progress are subjects of interest. Bettina has exhibited nationally and abroad, with work shown in France, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan.




Workshop 2 (14:00-16:00) with Nelly Lewis

Life Line – A movement and drawing workshop inspired by the participants’ autobiography; the workshop integrates body, matter and spirit; allows you to dive into your existence and let your creativity go wild. Discover how your own life can be a source for artistic expression. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to reflect and create your unique lifeline performance/dance drawing, all from an intuitive, spontaneous, and authentic state of mind.

Nelly Lewis is an award-winning mime artist based in Brighton, UK. She works with the stage language she developed since 2004 – Butomima, which is a hybrid of Mime and Butoh, a language that is all about transformation, imitation and truth. Nelly Lewis taking forward the amazing language of mime and opens new possibilities to contact with and without words.


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