Field of Action – Performative Drawings & Paintings. A Draw to Perform project at Canning Gallery, London, 5-20 March 2022


The workshops:

Workshop 1 – Saturday 12 March 2022 10:00-12:00

Workshop 2 – Sunday 13 March 2022 10:00-12:00


There will be two bookable workshop sessions in this upcoming project by Draw to Perform. The workshops will explore drawing performance and strategies for forming a dialogue between drawing, painting, sound, process and performance. Participants will draw live, share and discuss their outcomes and ideas. Workshops will target different groups and issues in drawing and performance. It will allow the general public the opportunity to experience an art form first-hand, work with and be tutored by some of the leading artists in their field.

All of the workshops are suitable for all ages (12+) and do not require prior drawing or performance experience. All drawing materials will be provided.

Each participant in the workshop will be asked to have a Covid Rapid Test before arriving at the event and may asked to wear a mask in the gallery space.

Please note Canning Gallery has limited space capacity and workshops have limited numbers of tickets. Book your tickets online as soon as possible and reserve your participation in this event.



Canning Gallery, 11 Brunel St, London E16 1EB




Saturday 12 March 10:00-12:00

Body painting. Personal History. Performance

Workshop with KV Duong

The workshop will focus on strategies and ideas on how to weave one’s life history into your practice, specifically in a performative context. KV will introduce his practice and share sources of ideas and experimentation. Participants will get a demonstration and then try out themselves the following topics: using your body as a paint brush, using sound sourced from youtube and real life (e.g., your voice) and looping the audio, using video projection and video looping/ layering.

Technical requirement: Smart phone with free app ‘Meitu’ downloaded

KV Duong (b.1980 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) is a London-based artist with a practice that spans painting, sculpture, and performance. Duong grew up in Canada to Chinese Vietnamese parents displaced by the Vietnam War. In his work he explores themes of migration and cultural assimilation, through a re-examination of his parents’ and his own experiences. War trauma and integration correlate with the artist’s coming out as a gay Asian man.

Duong is a self-taught artist with a background in structural engineering. He has performed at Stockholm Supermarket International Art Fair and at various London venues including Raymond Revue Bar. Duong will have his first UK institutional exhibition at the Migration Museum in April 2022.




Sunday 13 March 10:00-12:00

From Drawing to Painting Live

Workshop with Ram Samocha

This workshop with Draw to Perform’s director Ram Samocha will focus the shift from drawing to painting live. The workshop will concentrate on the connection between sharing the process and layering the marks. It will also combine between elements of movement and stillness while making marks and using sound. Participants will experiment with this performative art practice and talk about possible options of working and creating art in real time.

Ram Samocha is a multi-disciplinary artist who currently resides in Brighton, UK. Samocha’s work combines drawing with video, installation, sound, and live performance. Samocha often mixes modern and traditional drawing techniques while searching for new ways to combine between 2D and 3D work. Samocha is the founder of Draw to Perform, an international gathering of artists and theorists involved in drawing performance. Samocha’s work has been recognized nationally and internationally and his work is part of various museums and private collections. 



Field of Action‘ is an art project at the Canning Gallery, curated by Draw to Perform‘s founder and director Ram Samocha. The project will start on Saturday 5th March with a day of live drawing and painting performances by 13 local and international artists.

The remains of these performances will be installed and displayed in the gallery space for two weeks, allowing gallery visitors the opportunity of looking at them not only in the context of live art products but also as independent works of art that were uniquely created live in the gallery space and not in the artist’s studio.

As part of this project there will also a panel discussion with participating artists on Sun 13th (15:00-17:00). Please visit Eventbrite and Draw to Perform websites for more information about all future activities.


Gallery visiting hours for the ‘Field of Action’ exhibition:

Saturday 5 March 12:00-18:00 Day of live performances

Sunday 6 March 12:00-18:00


Thursday 10 March 12:00-18:00

Friday 11 March 18:00-21:00

Saturday 12 March 12:00-18:00, 10:00-12:00 Workshop 1

Sunday 13 March 12:00-18:00, 10:00-12:00 Workshop 2,

15:00-17:00 Panel discussion with participating artists


Thursday 17 March 12:00-18:00

Friday 18 March 18:00-21:00

Saturday 19 March 12:00-18:00

Sunday 20 March 12:00-18:00