D2P Nov 2019


Draw to Perform Residency Program

16 – 30 November 2019, Brighton, UK


The Draw to Perform residency program for Drawing Performance practice.

The D2P Residency program is a unique opportunity for new and developing professional artists and art students to engage in the dynamic artistic discipline of drawing performance art. The program provides the foundation to develop drawing and performance skills and to translate creative practice into live action. This rigorous 15 days structured program of mentored residency includes one-on-one tutorials, workshops, intensive studio time, studio visits and artist talks by UK drawing and performance artists. The program is headed by artist and curator Ram Samocha, who is internationally acclaimed and the founder of Draw to Perform.

The program included guided tours to key exhibitions and art events in Brighton and London and ended with a day of live drawing performances to celebrate and showcase the output of this creative time.


16 – 30 November 2019 (15 days)


Copperdollar Studios, Brighton, UK

Daily Programme Outline:

Day 10:00am to 15:00pm – Activity
1 Sat 16 Nov – Welcome brunch meeting in the studio, introduction & studio allocations
2 Sun 17 Nov – London art galleries guided tour
3 Mon 18 Nov – Residency artists talks
4 Tue 19 Nov – Artist talk – Ram Samocha
5 Wed 20 Nov – One on one mentorship
6 Thu 21 Nov – Brighton art galleries and studio guided tour
7 Fri 22 Nov – Artist Visit – Xie Rong
8 Sat 23 NovD2P Workshops
9 Sun 24 Nov – Free day
10 Mon 25 Nov – One on one mentorship
11 Tue 26 Nov – One on one mentorship
12 Wed 27 Nov – One on one mentorship
13 Thu 28 Nov – Public drawing performance in Brighton streets
14 Fri 29 Nov – Individual work in the studio
15 Sat 30 Nov – Final live performances

Attending Residential Artists:

Anna Redwine (US) – http://www.annaredwine.com

07_D2P residency Nov 2019_artist Anna Redwine_photo Ram Samocha

Zoea Tania (Singapore) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIlSdi684bU


Lili Cohen Prah-ya (Israel) – https://www.lilicohenprahya.com

01_D2P residency Nov 2019_artist Lili Cohen Prah-ya_photo Ram Samocha


A review by artist Zoea Tania (Singapore) – D2P residency, 16-30 November 2019

Thank you firstly for choosing me to be a part of DTP. You might not know but this journey is very important to me and I came at a time that was both significant and urgent. I can safely say that DTP has changed my life and given me direction. The programme is so generous and dynamic, and that spirt, I am sure, came from you.

I hope one day to repay DTP and give back to it for it has given me so much.

This time in Brighton like you predicted, has so quickly come to a close, and I am so sad, but I will keep this time so close to my heart. Thank you so so so much.

首先,我想说谢谢。谢谢你让我参加DTP。你可能不知道,这趟旅程对我的意义重大。你或许不知道,我是在某个重要的人生阶段,带着急迫且茫然的心来到这里的。我可以说,DTP 改变了我,并给予我方向。这个工作坊是慷慨的,也是多元化的。而这样的精神,我想,根源必定是你。

很盼望有一天能够回到Brighton 帮助DTP 发扬光大,因为它真的帮了我很多。

像ram 你预料的一样, 我们在这儿的时间迅速地结束了,我十分地不舍得,但我会永远记得这段旅程。再次,谢谢你!


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