D2P Nov 2019


Draw to Perform Residency Program

16 – 30 November 2019, Brighton, UK


Attending Residential Artists:
– Anna Redwine (US) – http://www.annaredwine.com
– Zoea Tania (Singapore) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIlSdi684bU
– Lili Cohen Prah-ya (Israel) – https://www.lilicohenprahya.com



The Draw to Perform residency program for Drawing Performance practice.


16 – 30 November 2019 (15 days)


Copperdollar Studios, Brighton, UK

Daily Programme Outline:

Day 10:00am to 15:00pm – Activity
1 Sat 16 Nov – Welcome brunch meeting in the studio, introduction & studio allocations
2 Sun 17 Nov – London art galleries guided tour
3 Mon 18 Nov – Residency artists talks
4 Tue 19 Nov – Artist talk – Ram Samocha
5 Wed 20 Nov – One on one mentorship
6 Thu 21 Nov – Brighton art galleries and studio guided tour
7 Fri 22 Nov – Artist Visit – Xie Rong
8 Sat 23 NovD2P Workshops
9 Sun 24 Nov – Free day
10 Mon 25 Nov – One on one mentorship
11 Tue 26 Nov – One on one mentorship
12 Wed 27 Nov – One on one mentorship
13 Thu 28 Nov – Public drawing performance in Brighton streets
14 Fri 29 Nov – Individual work in the studio
15 Sat 30 Nov – Final live performances


A review by artist Zoea Tania – D2P residency, 16-30 November 2019

Thank you firstly for choosing me to be a part of DTP. You might not know but this journey is very important to me and I came at a time that was both significant and urgent. I can safely say that DTP has changed my life and given me direction. The programme is so generous and dynamic, and that spirt, I am sure, came from you.

I hope one day to repay DTP and give back to it for it has given me so much.

This time in Brighton like you predicted, has so quickly come to a close, and I am so sad, but I will keep this time so close to my heart. Thank you so so so much.

首先,我想说谢谢。谢谢你让我参加DTP。你可能不知道,这趟旅程对我的意义重大。你或许不知道,我是在某个重要的人生阶段,带着急迫且茫然的心来到这里的。我可以说,DTP 改变了我,并给予我方向。这个工作坊是慷慨的,也是多元化的。而这样的精神,我想,根源必定是你。

很盼望有一天能够回到Brighton 帮助DTP 发扬光大,因为它真的帮了我很多。

像ram 你预料的一样, 我们在这儿的时间迅速地结束了,我十分地不舍得,但我会永远记得这段旅程。再次,谢谢你!


For past D2P residencies please visits the D2P residency Facebook page.