Participating artists: Flexer and Sandiland (UK), Marega Palser (UK), River Lin (Taiwan/France), Nelly Lewis (UK), Katrina Brown (UK), Ram Samocha (Israel/UK) and Paul Hartnoll (UK), Cesar Forero (Colombia/Canada) and My Johansson (Sweden/UK), Jan Rae (Australia), Fiona Geilinger (UK), Jasmin Schaitl (Austria), Echo Morgan (China/UK), Rossella Emanuele (Italy/UK).

Collaboration with dancers: Natasha Hubert, Gina Jamieson, Callum Anderson, Xanthe Wilson, Hester Gill, Zoë Bishop, Jon Mewett, Alonna Sandiland, My Johansson, Nigel Davies.

Video screening by: Fiona Geilinger (UK).

draw to perform 4


DRAW TO PERFORM 4 – A Two Day International Festival of Drawing Performance
Saturday & Sunday, 4-5 March 2017, 11-17pm at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton’s Centre for Contemporary Art, UK.

Drawing performance artists, dancers, and musicians from the UK and around the world are performing live at Draw to Perform’s fourth annual symposium on Saturday & Sunday, 4-5 March 11am-17pm at Fabrica, Brighton. This time the symposium will focus on the connection between drawing and movement and drawing within dance practice.

Draw to Perform is an international community for drawing performance, which is a stream of performance art in which artists create their artwork in front of a live audience. This stirring art form combines drawing, theatre, dance, and music into a vibrant and dynamic act.
The symposium is an exciting opportunity for the public to experience and celebrate the unique discipline of live drawing performance. Artist and curator Ram Samocha has gathered a stimulating selection of drawing performance artists from the UK and abroad to perform over two exciting days of live performances, video screening, discussion panel and workshops. The diversity of performances and activities throughout the day and proximity to Brighton’s fantastic Lanes, make this event a fabulous choice for a weekend of fun and inspiration.

Day One includes multiple live performances, running over 6hr in the large space of Fabrica gallery. The audience is free to enter the space, observe performances and participate in some. The event will includ collaberations with acclaimed musicians such as Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), contemporary choreographers Yael Flexer, and Katrina Brown, dancers My Johansson and Jan Rae and many more local and international performance artists.

Day Two includes bookable workshops provided by international and local artists. The workshops will explore the connection between drawing, movement and dance. Participants will draw live, share and discuss their outcomes and ideas. The workshops provide the opportunity to experience the art form first hand, work with and be tutored by some of the leading artists in their field. There’s no experience required to join the workshops and all abilities are welcomed.

Schedule: Day 1: Live Performances – Draw Move Dance
Saturday 4 March 2017, 11:00am to 17:00pm
Jan Rae (Australia) – http://www.janrae.com.au/
Marega Palser (UK) – http://www.mrandmrsclark.co.uk/
Katrina Brown (UK) – https://kbdraw.org/
Yael Flexer – Flexer and Sandiland (UK) – http://flexerandsandiland.com/
Nelly Lewis (UK) – http://butomima.wixsite.com/mysite
Rossella Emanuele (UK/Italy) – http://www.rossellaemanuele.com/
Ram Samocha (UK/Israel) – https://www.youtube.com/user/RamSamocha+ Paul Hartnoll (UK) – http://paulhartnoll.com/
Cesar Forero (Canada/Colombia) – http://www.cesarforero.com/
River Lin (France/Taiwan) – http://www.riverperformance.com/

Video Screening:
Fiona Geilinger (UK) – http://www.fionageilinger.co.uk/
Durational Performances:
14:00-17:00 Jasmin Schaitl (Austria) – http://www.jasminschaitl.com/jasminschaitl/
Echo Morgan (UK/China) – http://echomorgan.com/

Schedule: Day 2: Day of workshops – Draw Move Dance

Workshop 1 (11:00-12:00) with Marega Palser (UK)
MarkMaking/Moving – This workshop combines movement/dance and drawing.
Using improvisation and play, the workshop draws quite literally on the idea of taking a line for a walk.
It seeks to release us from our usual patterns of physical behaviour whilst releasing our inner scribbler.
This is NoT about drawing, more about what happens when we put a mark on a blank piece of paper. . . similar to when we put our body into a blank space.
Where does the mark take your body? Where does your body take the mark?
The workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities. Please DO bring an Open mind.

Workshop 2 (12:15-13:15) with Nelly Lewis (UK)
Imagination is a great Painter – Discover the magic of mime and the power of drawing in an empty space.
Learn how to turn the invisible visible, dream images on an empty canvas, imagination is a great painter!
In this workshop we will have fun learning basic mime techniques that will allow participants to master mime numbers such as – The wall, playing with an imagery ball and much more. We will explore the trace of our movements in space and celebrate together the joy of colour and movement. Nelly Lewis’s workshop is playful as it
– This workshop will appeal to all ages including children and family audiences –

Workshop 3 (13:30-14:30) with Jasmin Schaitl (Austria)
The line in our body, the line in architecture – In this workshop we will work with body awareness, space awareness and with creating visible and invisible relations between our physical body and its surrounding. We will work with thread and lines, as a major tool to collaborate, intervene and create in the space.
Jasmin Schaitl will be leading excercises to highten own awareness in a space, to connect yourself with a space, and to work with material to create remnants reflecting on the physical intervention in Fabrica.
This workshop can be attended by anybody, and does not require any experience in performance, movement or dance. Minimum age: approx 14 years.

Workshop 4 (14:45-15:45) with Jan Rae (Australia)
Tango & the Art of Connection – The connection that is created between 2 people when dancing tango is a conversation without words. Can this dialogue be seen? Can we draw this connection? Explore movement and mark-making through an introduction to the romantic dance of tango.
– Dance experience is not necessary –

Workshop 5 (16:00-17:00) with River Lin (Taiwan/France)
Drawing Movements – Come to exercise your body to be a tool of drawing. River Lin will be leading a research-based movement practice considering the relationship between drawing and dance; combine it with element from Eastern performance, dance and movement techniques.
– This workshop will appeal to all ages including children and family audiences –



Please see invitation: Facebook – Draw to Perform3

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