Draw to Perform Residency Program

Opportunity for Artists


7 – 21 September 2019, Brighton, UK

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The Draw to Perform residency program for Drawing Performance practice.

What does the program offer?

The D2P Residency program is a unique opportunity for new and developing professional artists and art students to engage in the dynamic artistic discipline of drawing performance art. The program provides the foundation to develop drawing and performance skills and to translate creative practice into live action. This rigorous 15 days structured program of mentored residency includes one-on-one tutorials, workshops, intensive studio time, studio visits and artist talks by UK drawing and performance artists. The program is headed by artist and curator Ram Samocha, who is internationally acclaimed and the founder of Draw to Perform.

The residency will be located in the heart of Brighton, one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in Europe and a centre of creativity, vibrancy and progressive art. This time the residency takes place in September to make the most of what this attractive town has to offer in the summer.

The program will also include guided tours to key exhibitions and art events in Brighton and London and will end with an evening of live drawing performances to celebrate and showcase the output of this creative time.

For past D2P residencies please visits the D2P residency Facebook page

or Draw to Perform on Instagram


7 – 21 September 2019 (15 days)


Copperdollar Studios, Brighton, UK

Application Deadline:

Sunday 4 August 2019

Daily Programme Outline:

Day 10:00am to 14:00pm – Activity
1 Sat 7 Sep – Welcome brunch meeting in the studio, introduction & studio allocations
2 Sun 8 Sep – London art galleries guided tour
3 Mon 9 Sep – Residency artists talks
4 Tue 10 Sep – Artist talk – Ram Samocha
5 Wed 11 Sep – One on one mentorship
6 Thu 12 Sep – One on one mentorship
7 Fri 13 Sep – Artist talk, studio visit & critique session
8 Sat 14 Sep – D2P Workshops
9 Sun 15 Sep – Free day
10 Mon 16 Sep – Public drawing performances on the streets of Brighton
11 Tue 17 Sep – One on one mentorship
12 Wed 18 Sep – Brighton art galleries & studio guided tour
13 Thu 19 Sep – Individual work in the studio
14 Fri 20 Sep – Individual work in the studio
15 Sat 21 Sep – Final live performances

What’s included?

– Shared accommodation in Brighton + 3 evening meals

– Shared studio space

– Guided tour of London’s art museums and galleries

– Guest artists and curators talks and discussions

– Screenings & Lectures about drawing and performance art

– Access to a wide range of publications and books about drawing and performance

– Admission to a live performance

– Opportunity to share and showcase work-in-progress

– Public collaborative drawing performance action

– Final live performance of your work in an event that opens to the public

– Intensive promotion of your work via our social media

Participation Fee & Financial Assistance:

The total program cost for 15 days of residency in Brighton – £1,800

To help fund your residency at the Draw to Perform program, view a compiled list of national and international opportunities here.

Application fee:

Processing and Application Fee – £30

Artist statement:

150 word text that outlines your artistic practice. Describe why you wish to attend this program, what you hope to contribute, learn, and what impact it could have on your practice.


One A4 page describing selected relevant experience such as academic, exhibitions, and performances.


Please attach 4 images from your past work.


Please attach a link to your website and other online social media.


Email address, mobile number, and mail address


4 August – Deadline for application forms

6 August – Applicants notified

10 August – Full payment

7 September – Residency start day

21 September – Residency ending day


– Click here to register now for the Draw to Perform residency program –

After paying the registration fee please submit your application via email to:  (with the title ‘Your name_D2P Residency September 2019’ in the subject line).


For past D2P residencies please visits the D2P residency Facebook page.